Hello we are OhHai, and we make software
mainly our web communication platform.

Or web browser to you and me.
Web communication platform sounds cooler.

About OhHai

OhHai Browser was created, firstly to prove a point that it isnt just big tech company's that can create a great browser. Secondly we are here to break the mould, we are different to every other browser and we think of this as a good thing.

Browser Design

All the versions of our browser go through many stages of design before any functionality is added to them. We feel our browser should feel natural to use and also explain its self without any extra instruction. This means with our mobile applications we try to stick to a native look and feel tailored for the OS it runs on. As for desktop we have adapted a design that works comfortably on a smaller laptop all the way to a 4k desktop.


OhHai Browser has been packed with features that we feel every browser should have by default.

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Browser Password

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